Gopher recruits celebrate state championship on social media


Minnesota prep stars Tyus Jones of Apple Valley High School and Reid Travis of DeLaSalle each won a state championship in their respective divisions Saturday night.

With prominent followings on Twitter, both athletes went on social media to share the excitement and cheer on their supporters as the teenagers are set to make a college decision within the year.

While the decision for either athlete will likely be nowhere as insane as Lebron’s “decision,” it will nevertheless be followed closely by millions of rabid college basketball fans.

But even with another year of high school remaining for Jones and Travis, who knows? Either athlete may get a prime time national television spot to announce his decision.

If Saturday night’s performances by Jones and Travis weren’t enough to convince you of their growing legend — “Take to their social media,” said one very smart man.

Note: Travis’ Twitter profile is protected, so we will honor the privacy of his personal tweets.

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