Flip Saunders turns down Gophers


Former NBA head coach and University of Minnesota alumnus Flip Saunders has reportedly turned down the Gophers head coaching job.

To date, at least three have turned down the offer from freshman Athletic Director Norwood Teague.

While the list of coaches that have turned down the job is unconfirmed as the administration has been tight-lipped, it includes Shaka Smart, Fred Hoiberg and now Saunders — if the reports are true.

A week ago at the press conference announcing Tubby Smith’s firing, Teague looked like the savoir of the Gopher program, but following the latest news, Teague now seems to be a man without a plan.

No matter what happens at this point, Teague’s first-year as AD will be marred by the basketball coaching search.

As for the search that looks to be nowhere near finished, Marquette coach Buzz Williams is still being mentioned.

The Golden Eagles head coach is still coaching as his team is in the Elite 8, but at this point, it seems unlikely, given the success of Marquette the past few years, that Williams will want to defect from Milwaukee.

Another name that has come up recently is Florida Gulf Coast University’s Andy Enfield, who took his 15th-seeded team to the Sweet 16 before losing to Florida Friday night.

The Gophers, as well as USC, are expected to go hard at him now that his season is over.

As for other fallout, it was reported earlier this week that 2013 commit Alvin Ellis may de-commit and look elsewhere since hearing of Smith’s departure from the program. Frankly, that is to say if he doesn’t like who the next coach of the team will be.


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