Maverick Ahanmisi chips tooth; Game pauses to recover lost piece


It’s no story when someone chips a tooth across the street at Mariucci Arena, but when it happens on the wood floors of Williams Arena, it instantly becomes worthy of a second look.

Maverick Ahanmisi, the senior guard from California, chipped his front tooth on Tuesday night in the second half of Minnesota’s game against the Florida State Seminoles. While diving for a loose ball, the full weight of Florida State guard Ian Miller fell on Ahanmisi’s head, causing his head to violently bounce off the hard wood.

Ahanmisi stayed down on the floor for several seconds before getting walked off the court and into the locker room. Meanwhile, Minnesota staff called for a pause in the game to look for the remainder of Ahanmisi’s tooth [Watch above video]. Talk about leaving it all on the court.

Ahanmisi scored two points in 10 minutes off the bench before he left the game, but the Gophers ended up winning, 71-61.

After the game, head coach Richard Pitino said Ahanmisi will visit a dentist on Wednesday to get his tooth fixed.

P.S. Is he too old to believe in the Tooth Fairy?

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