Royce White insists his NBA career is not over


It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. In Royce White’s case, the fat lady is on the verge of finishing her last tune, yet White is still hollering for an encore.

The former Gophers recruit and Iowa State star recently insisted to a newspaper in Ames, Iowa that his NBA career is not over, despite being cut by the Philadelphia 76ers this preseason following two awful appearances, which included an ejection from one of the two games.

"“I’m optimistic it will happen,” the former Iowa State star said. “We’re in contact with some teams. “Quite a few more than expected. People are more understanding than you think. It’s not an insensitive crowd. There are teams involved.“It’s finding a situation that’s appropriate.”"

By appropriate, White likely means a team that is willing to make accommodations for White because of his anxiety disorder that’s rooted in the fear of flying. But beyond the issue of traveling to and from games, White needs to prove to GMs that he’s still capable of playing like a 16th overall draft pick, as opposed to someone who has played basketball on and off for the last year and a half.

White looked out of shape in his preseason appearances for the 76ers and was error prone, committing five turnovers and getting called for eight fouls in 33 minutes played.

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