Gophers lose to Syracuse in meaningless Rodeo Bowl


If the Syracuse Orange can’t beat the Minnesota Gophers on Friday as the underdogs, at least they’ll have a pretty sweet gift bag and at least one trophy to take back with them.

The Orange beat the veteran Gophers in the Rodeo Bowl this week, in the annual event organized by bowl staff comprised of seven events including the Offensive Line Touchdown Dance Competition, Rope the Mascot, Chalk Branding, Calf Ribbon Pull and Hay Bale Toss.

The Gophers lost 6-1, after winning last year against Texas Tech, so I guess it’s ironic that Minnesota beat a Texas program in their “own” event while somehow getting blown-out by the Orange of mid-state New York.

Considering the Gophers were the underdogs to Texas Tech last year and lost the bowl game despite winning the Rodeo Bowl, Syracuse could be playing into the same position as the Gophers in 2012.

But let’s be honest here: no one wants to see the Gophers back in the Rodeo Bowl — or Texas Bowl for that matter — next year.

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